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Back in Ye’ Olden Days of the Internet the email listserv was the preferred method of disseminating crackpot conspiracy theories, junk science, apocalyptic prophecies and nonsensical grandmotherly “advice”.But listservs were clumsy devices, with slow response times and undependable circulation.If you want to be on time for the movie, you should not be dating.My daughter is putting on her makeup, a process that can take longer than painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have no doubt you are a popular fellow, with many opportunities to date other girls.

Our inaugural entrants come in the form of a list and an application.

First, pointed out by Digby at that den of liberal iniquity Hullabaloo and hashed about by the Grounded Parents crew on our super-secret-backchannel private Facebook Group, comes today’s featured image… So I think we can all agree that we have a serious contender here for “Father of the Year”.

Now and then, I'll come across a post intended as humor that really bugs me.

When I look at what the post is really saying, it's just passive-aggressive repetition of the tropes and assumptions that I don't want to include in my parenting.

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