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Sometimes you need someone to talk to outside of Lifeline Crisis Chat hours.

Sometimes you need in-person help in your local area.

“Live” allows you to stream whatever you’re capturing with your camera with the members of your group.

Whether it’s something funny happening right now, a game that your friends don’t want to miss out on, a perfect sunset, or other must-see, wish-you-were-here moments, Bubble lets you bring your friends with you to experience life, in the moment, with you.

Bubble is an easy to use group messaging, group chat and private group video app for all of the groups in your life.

Bubble is perfect for friends, family, sports teams, cheer squads, fantasy sports crews, school groups and clubs, work teams — or any other group currently being forced into text group chaos.

However, this is not a reporting system and just blocks individual users from seeing messages they do not want to see.

Users can also adjust privacy settings on the Friends table.

Bark monitors the direct messages between gamers, including any media uploaded with the message.

You can make group announcements, organize events, chat for free, share GIFs, photos, videos and more with any group.

Reactions also make it easy to keep the conversation going across all devices.

Users can also block individuals on specific servers by pulling up their profile, clicking on the three dots next to their user name, and choosing the block option.

This will stop the user from seeing the offenders direct messages and their text in servers.

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