Dating and no good night kiss

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For those of you who use text messaging as a form of communication with someone you're dating, whether you have a Black Berry or an Apple i Phone, text messaging is the most abused and misinterpreted form of communication out there.There are some things for which text messaging is great.Understanding all of the 7 reasons above will help you navigate the fun side of texting in dating, while helping you avoid the bad side of texting in dating.Texting is a great way have a little verbal flirting to stay connected in someone's life. So if you're hoarding your cell phone minutes, I suggest you contact your provider and get some more minutes.Some of these uses should be avoided because they can cause unintended misunderstandings, while others are simply bad manners or outright rude!So, here are 7 of the biggest misuses of texting that you should avoid in the dating context: There's a lot of misinterpretation that can happen via text messaging.

But we need to pucker up, people, and rediscover the joy of the traditional goodnight kiss.

These body language indicators all say that your date is interested – and the longer each movement lingers, the more interested they are.

If it seems like they’re hesitant, don’t assume your date isn’t interested, they may just be shy.

Not much, according to the 2,000 British couples who took part in a survey about sleeping habits.

Though Gilbert O’Sullivan may have described the locking of lips as a “moment of bliss”, 80 per cent of the couples questioned said that they no longer bother to kiss each other goodnight, while 90 per cent revealed that they don’t even exchange “I love yous” before falling asleep (and nearly 50 per cent do so with their back to their other half).

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