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Microsoft's Tay chatbot is just the most recent to show the promise of having a reasonably intelligent discussion with an AI-infused bot -- right up until the part where pranksters tricked it into spewing drug-addled, Hitler-loving nonsense. The ones you'll find inside your instant messenger aren't AI, they're just simple tools.They're just miniature apps where you might be able to use plain English like "Show me men's clothing" or "What's the weather like today? As long as the bot is smart enough to realize that the words "weather" and "today" are the ones that actually matter.Your Bots, Sex, Name, Personality and other aspects of its objective need to be determined as you program your bot.You may decide to explore the various services available, before you go full gun into creation.This allows the user to access their skills and source out a creation site that suits their skill set.

The pre-planning stage is the most important, in that you need to cover the basics in your Bot creation.

Sadly, most of these early chatbots aren't even that smart.

Their developers give you the buttons to press with your finger, too, because fingers are often better.

View the full list There was to have been a conference in Malaysia last week called Love and Sex with Robots but it was cancelled.

Malaysian police branded it “illegal” and “ridiculous”.

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