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See full summary » A photographer for Life magazine comes to London to do a story on a local theater troupe which never missed a performance during World War II. See full summary » Gladys Glover has just lost her modelling job when she meets filmmaker Pete Sheppard shooting a documentary in Central Park.

For Pete it's love at first sight, but Gladys has her mind on ...

See full summary » Upset about a new Broadway musical's mockery of Greek mythology, the goddess Terpsichore comes down to earth and lands a part in the show.

There's still a lot of the standup comedian in him - and, of course, if he ever wants to get diverse roles, he might have to stop incorporating standup routines into the script - but this isn't really a bad thing.In short, Lance is everything that the real Chris Rock isn't. But of course, while in the body of the affluent Mr.Lance is also a bike messenger, and he's riding the streets on his way to try out even more material when BAM! Ok, so maybe he was taken from his body a tenth of a second early by a slightly incompetent angel (Eugene Levy), but hey, he was going to get hit anyway. King (Chazz Palminteri), the "manager" of Heaven, reluctantly agrees to find a new body for the not-quite-dead Mr. Trouble is, the body they find is of a greedy, old white man. Wellington) owns all kinds of things - he's the 15th richest man in the country! Wellington, Lance falls for a gorgeous hospital worker (Regina King).It's very funny to see the razor-sharp Rock playing a bad comedian.It's kind of like seeing Tom Hanks play a bad actor.

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