Are erica hubbard and robert adamson dating

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well, it doesn't do much to bring the closer together. Nightingale, and it's keeping her from dating the dreamy Andrew.Cassie follows Sage's advice to take a breather from Charles, and goes out dancing with Sage and her friends Tad and Serge -- without Charles. ) When Charles checks on her later at the Rev, Cassie bassically tells him she doesn't need him to watch out for her. When she dances with Andrew at the Outreach Center, there's an obvious spark. Lizzie tells her dad that Johnny doesn't want to let go of her, but Eddie says maybe she's the one who doesn't want to say goodbye.I love that ABC Family has the courage to put it on because so many other networks said it was an impossibility so it's been a pleasure to work with them because they believe in that vision.JH: What is it about the show that has audiences responding so favorably?

And when she finds out that Charles told Sage about the money before he told her...

The show portrays an acceptance of lesbianism and bisexuality that is really refreshing (if probably a little unrealistic). The only black lesbian couples on TV have been adults, like Kima and her partner on .

I wouldn’t expect Stacy to be back next season — she’s only a minor supporting character on the show — but hey, we got a happy black lesbian teen couple on TV! (Naturally, Diamond ends up dying of a dangerous virus in the same episode, after almost infecting the entire city, but at least the big “reveal” on that show was Max’s secret identity, not Original Cindy’s sexual orientation.

It was approved for a second season, which premiered September 4, 2007.

Vanessa Hudgens' song "Say OK" had been used in a commercial to promote the second season.

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