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But, not long after that, very offensive language and scenes start to add up and this viewer had to turn it off and pitch it into a waste basket.

What a shame, since the premise was clever and Devito is always a funny, funny man.

Devito retires from the Fire Dept after 25 years and, at that point, realizes how shiftless his kids are. So, Devito kidnaps his wife and takes the camper out of town, to stay until the young adult sons learn how to take care of themselves.

Admittedly, there are a few laughs at the beginning.

'Danny can be quite the flirt and because of his powerful status in Hollywood, he's not ashamed to abuse his position and chat-up young, aspiring woman looking to make it in the industry, said the source.

Danny - who is five feet tall - has often talked of how he learned to charm women in his bachelor days, saying: 'I learned how to dance real good.

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The famous parents separation may now cause a strain in their daughters entertainment careers.After three decades of marriage, it is sad to report that Hollywood couple Danny De Vito and Rhea Perlman have separated.The couple wed in 1982 and have three children together, 29-year-old Lucy De Vito, 27-year-old Grace De Vito and 25-year-old Jacob De Vito.However, this did not stop his curiosity that one day changed his life forever.While exploring his parents' laboratory, Danny accidentally activated the newly-built Fenton Ghost Portal, causing his molecular structure to become infused with ectoplasm.

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