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Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply.TEL AVIV (AP) — The Cleveland Cavaliers suddenly have far fewer fans in Israel after the firing of David Blatt.The shock announcement on Friday, despite the second-year coach leading the Cavs to the NBA Finals a year ago and to the top of the Eastern Conference this season, was taken personally by many fans in Israel, where the Boston-born Blatt made his name professionally, met his wife and raised his family.News of the firing topped all Israeli newscasts Saturday, knocking Middle East violence off the headlines.The UIN was invented by Mirabilis, as the user name assigned to each user upon registration.Issued UINs started at '10,000' (5 digits) and every user receives a UIN when first registering with ICQ.How did you come to these images, and why did you begin drawing on them? I would just cover things with line and line and line. I’d cover my Styrofoam pieces in lines as a formal thing. We cover it up because we don’t want to see it."After seeing images of the 2014 Gaza bombings in her Facebook feed, Jaime Scholnick began to draw over them as a way of dealing with their content. I just was doing them and doing them and I had them in my studio, and people would say, "What are these? They're beautiful, but they're really dark." The most surprising part has been the reaction from other artists. I once did pieces with glitter of the [George W.] Bush cabinet. The installation consists of 50 images -- 49 show the destruction in Gaza, and one shows a group of Israelis at an outdoor picnic or social gathering of some sort, watching the bombings (a phenomenon that has been covered in various media outlets, including the Guardian). Ownership of ICQ passed from Mirabilis to AOL in 1998, and from AOL to Mail. The ICQ client application and service were initially released in November 1996 and the client was freely available to download.

Blatt grew up in the United States and played his college ball at Princeton but has called Israel home since 1981, when he first arrived to play for the U. Over the next two decades Blatt developed his reputation as a top international coach and up-tempo offensive wizard whose stock surged dramatically after leading the Russian national team to a bronze medal in the 2012 Olympics.

Scholnick says the images of the conflict, which she saw bubbling up in the news and in her social media feeds, left her feeling outraged, powerless and conflicted (she is Jewish). "Someone told me, "You know these are all staged." I find that interesting because there are Holocaust deniers out there, too. In Israel, if you’re against what’s happening, you’re a traitor. It’s a really happy piece: 4 feet tall and 200 feet long.

Out of a need to face what she was seeing in the photos, she began drawing on the pictures -- ultimately producing the 50 works that are now on view at CB1 through mid-July. A.-based artist took time to chat with me about how the series began, the controversy it has generated for her with her friends and family, and the new public installation in Los Angeles that her work method has inspired. I don't necessarily seek out politically charged work to do. And if you’re not Jewish and you're against what's happening, you’re anti-Semitic. I understand that you're using a similar technique -- photographs covered in lines -- for a public art commission for the L.

This brings Rounds' total fundraising to million.

The funds will be used to support the company's expansion, particularly in the United States, to hire new staff and further develop the technology."We've been active in the mobile messaging space," said Shmil Levy, a partner at Sequoia Capital Israel.

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