Speed dating in southern illinois

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In Harrisburg over 200 homes and about 25 businesses were destroyed or damaged heavily.At least 10 homes and other buildings were leveled completely and several structures were swept from their foundations.Listed below are confirmed killer tornadoes listed by date in Southern Illinois, United States.Modern record keeping in the region began in the 1880s, although there were undoubtedly many other deaths that have been lost to history.Several wood houses were demolished, and seven double-wide trailers were destroyed. A recreational vehicle was tossed across Lake Dongola and impaled into the ground.2 deaths Several homes were destroyed while several others sustained minor to severe damage while other structures including frame homes (including being swept away from its foundation), mobile homes, two businesses, outbuildings and a campground were destroyed.A Conservation Area sustained severe damage to its facilities. See section on this tornado8 deaths 110 people were injured, two neighborhoods were completely flattened, and a shopping mall and church were destroyed in Harrisburg.My friend Shannon, of the singles bowling league and online dating story fame, is back to let us know first-hand how this speed-dating gig goes--and when a gal should not participate.Last winter, I tried something I never thought I would try…speed dating.

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), but I actually think it could be silly if you went with a girlfriend and kept your expectations in check.I blame it on one of those daily email coupons which offered a significant discount to any number of Date and Dash singles events in the city.Two friends and I gathered our metaphorical balls and took them to Aja Lounge in the Dana Hotel for a night of speed dating, hosted by Dateand We waited for the event to start in the posh bar, drinking cocktails and repeating "I can't believe we're doing this" over and over.We started to get concerned when the clock moved closer to the starting time and there was no one else in the bar that was anywhere near our age.

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