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Ring, maker of the popular video doorbells and recently launched Floodlight Cam, is today announcing a new line of Spotlight Cams.Similar in function to the Floodlight Cam but with a different lighting system, the new Spotlight Cam features LED light panels that automatically turn on when motion is detected, as well as a 1080p camera with night vision, two-way audio, and a 110 d B siren to let homeowners see activity around their homes and communicate with people who set foot on their property.These sprockets are made from heat-treated alloy steel with a wider than stock press fit for greater stability.Gears are highly recommended for use in your stock engine but must be used with any Andrews cams.The Battery and Solar models are available for pre-order today and will begin shipping in the fall.Since the Twin Cam engines became available, their potential for more performance has already become an established fact.All of the Andrews performance cams are intended for use with the stock hydraulic lifters and Andrews matching EZ-Install push rods that come in your choice of anodized aluminum or chrome-moly steel.

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The Battery (9) and Solar (9) versions have a narrower 160-degree motion detection angle but the same 140-degree camera field of view as the wired version.

The Battery and Solar models each come with a single 6000 m Ah battery pack, but the light itself can hold two battery packs for maximum battery life. The Solar model comes with a Ring Solar Panel to keep the battery packs charged at all times.

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